My first year of code

I love when numbers increase!

It's been an exciting ride; my first year of open source programming was full of learning new tools and ways to improve wetfish. We now have our own oAuth login system, IRC services, and a browser based client for OpenKore.

If that's not enough, you can dive into the source code of many classic wetfish projects including the wiki, fun party hotel, and weedhat.

But I'm not here to bore you with lists, I'm here to thank you and the rest of the wetfish community for their contributions and dedication! Over a dozen people have joined wetfish on GitHub and it's always a delightful surprise to see that little notification bar light up.

Shoutouts to dbladez for writing fishy's triplicate detection module and pielover for being the most active contributor to our Teeworlds server.


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Remember when Skype was cool?

Back in the day when Skype was still being written by the same people who made Kazaa, the internet was a pretty cool place. You could make calls to anyone, the download was only a few megabytes, and behind the scenes it was total P2P cypherpunk beauty.

Now a days, we have Tox!

Tox is a peer to peer network for text, audio, and video calls.

Unlike Skype, Tox is completely open source and already comes in a variety of clients for pretty much every platform. By default your user ID is a unique cryptographic key, but you can get an easy to remember username at Toxme.se.

Wanna chat?

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