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Responsive design at its finest

This image is creative commons with attribution, originally created by Bo-Yi Wu.

After years of ignoring mobile users, we've finally taken the plunge and created a responsive layout for wetfish. The old layout was a mess of javscript hacks thrown together in a weekend in 2011 so it was no surprise that things were horribly broken. But enough about the past, let's relish in the beauty of now.

Our new design scales intelligently regardless of your resolution. Now on mobile you can even read the content and scroll the page! Plus look out for that juicy hamburger menu.

There were also several performance improvements, thanks in part to using SVG animations for the clouds instead of javascript, and forcing hardware acceleration on mobile.

Want to grab the code for yourself? Check out the project on GitHub!

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We're on npm!

After years of developing several projects, there ends up being a lot of code that gets copied and modified between them. Since last month I've been taking the boilerplate from all of our current projects and condensing it into useful reusable packages.

As of writing we have four projects on npm, most notably:


An MVC framework for creating webservers in node, built upon well known projects like express.js, redis, and socket.io.


A lightweight javascript framework for modern browsers. Similar to jQuery, except totally customizable: You can generate custom builds that only include the functions you need.

If you're a developer, this means it's easier than ever to start using code from wetfish in your own projects. Already have node.js installed? Simply type 'npm install wetfish-server' and get started :)

ps: Special thanks to RedHeron for my awesome new avatar!

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