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— What is Wetfish?

A community of scientists, makers, and artists working together to inspire hope for a better world.

Wetfish operates an open-source network of projects that bring people together without sacrificing privacy or freedom. We are the internet, distilled.


— Wetfish: Our Community Is...

The Best Internet on the Internet

Wetfish started in 2005 on IRC and has evolved into a network of open-source projects including a wiki, forum, file hosting, video streaming, and chat rooms. It's a home grown, certified organic, mini-internet on the internet.

Whether you're looking for someone to help give you advice on your next 3D printing project or just looking to blow off steam and laugh at funny memes, we've got you covered.


— Custom Solutions for your Business

Making Your Dreams a Reality

In 2017 the team behind Wetfish decided to incorporate as a Research & Development startup. Since then we've worked on projects ranging from charities and podcasting to aerospace.

If you have a vision for a new project, but need talent to make that happen — we're here to help. When you hire Wetfish, you tap into decades of collective experience in everything from developing mobile & web applications, to CAD product design, and assembly of custom embedded Linux systems.

If you're struggling to maintain or upgrade your existing projects — we'll help with that too. Our design team will work with you to create new user experiences and improve your marketing.

Wetfish helps you identify inefficiencies in your business operations and builds custom software & hardware to automate your workflows.


— Nature Conservation

Technology Healing
Mother Nature

In addition to our interest in computers and technology, many members of the Wetfish community are also passionate about nature conservation, permaculture, and homesteading. Our mission is to bring back an abundance of biodiversity by accelerating the restoration of entire ecosystems.

We believe the concept of human technological progress vs nature is a false dichotomy. Instead, we're using modern technology to reconnect the public with natural areas and get more young people involved in land management.