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Joining the Fediverse...

RIP Tumblr. Hello Pleroma!

It's official, Tumblr is dead and Wetfish has joined the Fediverse. Now you can blog, post images, videos, or whatever you want on FishSpace!

The Fediverse is a social network like Twitter or Tumblr, except anyone can run their own server. Each server is independently operated but posts are automatically shared between users who follow each other. When you join the Wetfish server, you'll get to see everything Wetfish members are posting as well as posts from other servers that Wetfish members follow. If you want to talk to somebody on another server, you simply mention them by their name and address—kinda like email!

FishSpace is maintained by Woodcat, Wetfish's resident catgirl lover. The site runs on Pleroma, an open source project that is compatible with both OStatus and ActivityPub. Already have an account on GNUSocial or Mastodon? Send us a message!

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