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Merry Fishmas everybody!

𝅘𝅥𝅮 It's starting to feel a lot like Fishmas 𝅘𝅥𝅮

The new year is coming up and we're all another year older. This time, though, it's special. Can you believe we've been togther on this silly site for ten years now?

Looking back, the Wetfish we have now is the place I always dreamed it would be. A diverse community, working together to make the internet a little bit better.

But I've learned it's more than just the projects we work on together, it's the friendships we create. The time we spend together, the meals we share, and the adventures we have. Who would have thought that a so called internet community would spend so much time together in meat space?

There are lots of so called communities online—social media, forums, blogs. But I like you guys the best.

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Are you a designer?

This fish could be you!

Are you a designer? An artist? Wetfish needs you!

We are looking for a graphic designer / vector artist to help us with several upcoming projects including stylized graphics, interactive scenery, and product design.

If you'd like some examples of the type of artwork we're looking for, look no further than our trello card called 'inspiration.' For the past couple months we've been compiling screenshots and images from other sites that really capture the atmosphere we'd like to see here at wetfish.

Think you've got what it takes? All we ask is that you agree to release your work and project files under a creative commons license — a rare chance to contribute to free culture and get paid for it!

  • Skills: Illustration, Vector Art, Web Design
  • Compensation: $25 / hour
  • Schedule: Part time

To apply, send an email to rachel or talk to someone in our support chat.

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